What To Know About Filing Bankruptcy Multiple Times

20 December 2021
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When you file for bankruptcy, you likely believe that will be the only time you will need to do it. Unfortunately, life is unpredictable and you may encounter the need to file again. This could be due to medical reasons or business issues that lead to loss of income. Regardless of the situation, you will need to know the different key points regarding multiple bankruptcy filings. Here are a few that deal with eligibility and other key aspects of the process. Read More 

Why You Should Have a Bankruptcy Attorney

23 July 2021
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If you plan on filing for bankruptcy, it is a very good idea for you to begin working with a bankruptcy attorney right from the start. You can learn more about some of the things a bankruptcy attorney will be able to help you with and why you should have one working with you early on by reading more on the subject in this article.  A bankruptcy attorney will answer all of your questions Read More